We raise Gordon and Llewellin Setter dogs.  Our dogs range from 40 to 50 pounds. . They have strong pointing and bird finding abilities and hunt hard in the field. We currently have three Master Hunt test dogs. Both breeds are great family and house dogs.

Clearcut Dakota 2XBandit (Gordon Setter) received her Master Hunter at 18 months and 22 days. Probably the youngest female Master Hunter Gordon Setter. She has a lot of get up and go and will run circles around our other dogs. She loves attention and can’t wait to be in the field. Dakota was bred with Tommy and will be having her litter first of December 2016.

deNeui Roaring ‘Ava’ Lanche is a female from Dakota’s first breeding.  Ava  has so many natural instincts like her mother.  Ava passed her Master Hunt Tests.   She has been bred with a male from Clearcut Kennels.  Her pups should be born middle of December 2016.

O’ My BooBoo Bear (Gordon Setter)  is a sister from another breeding of master hunter Yogi.  BooBoo had some great pups.  They all went to wonderful homes and sure to be some great hunting dogs.

Molly (Duchess Pearl Molly) is our Llewellin Setter Master Hunter. She is registered in the Field Dog Stud Book as a Llewellin Setter and also registered as an AKC English Setter. Molly is five years old. She hunts up a storm.   She is probably the first female Llewellin Setter to receive a Master Hunter. Her last pups were a combination of black & white, tri’s, chestnuts and orange belton.  At this time we don’t know if Molly will be bred.

All of our dogs we use for breeding  have passed with hip screening.

You can’t go wrong with a Gordon Setter for hunting.


deNeui Roaring 'Ava'lanche

Ava with her Master Title September 11, 2016 Jodi Hines (trainer-Jodi’s Kennel)

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  1. Karen Neal says:

    We just lost our 12 year old Gordon and are contemplating a pup. Do you have a long waiting list for your upcoming litters?

  2. Karen Neal says:

    I’ve sent you a couple of emails . . . but haven’t heard back. We’re anxious for a picture of our new girl! Did you get the emails? If not, I’ll resend one of them so we connect that way.

  3. Karen Neal says:

    I sent you a couple of emails but haven’t heard back. We’re anxious to see a picture of our new little girl!

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